Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Do you remember? (Part 2)

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So, this post is all about guys. Beware, this post is not for the weak hearted. Enter at you own risk.
While the girls spend most of their time collecting stickers, the boys on the other hand, have more than 1 collection.

1 of which is the collection of country erasers.
So why do the boys collect them? It is more than the interesting picture, it is also more than recognising the names of the different countries. It is because they can form a part of a local school game - flipping the eraser game.
It used to cost us 10 cents per piece back then. After we got them, we will challenge our classmates in an eraser battle, a game where the players will use their thumb and flip the eraser, the winning player will need to cover the losing eraser completely in order to win (yes its a bit like wrestling less the 3 counts pin). Some of my friends will play the "real" games. Where the winner will get to take the losing player's eraser. If you dont wish to lose your dear piece of eraser, you can play "fake", where the losing player can still take back their piece. Do anyone still have them in your collection now?

Besides collecting and battling in the flipping of eraser, some geeky students prefer collecting stamps. Stamps collecting were seemed to be somewhat a higher class of collection, rather than flipping eraser. The cost of purchasing a stamp album back then was $1.50. And 1 whole page of stamps would cost the buyer around $0.80 minimally back then. That was quite alot of money for a young kid (whose pocket money ranges from $0.50 to $2.)

Just like the collection of stickers, this hobby is not solely meant for guys. Girls on the other hand can collect stamps too. So what types of stamps appeals to the little kids? I would say those which appears to be cuter or more colourful will attract the kids' attention.

However, being young doesnt meant the kid is dumb. For me, i have collected some rare looking stamps too. Secretly hoping one fine day, these stamps will bring me a good fortune and able to sell them off. In the picture below, it shows a few RMB$5 valued stamp. Based on the nice mountain(just like the paintings) in the stamps, it can pass off as a rare collection ? As i am unsure of the value, i chose to keep them.

Stamps can be collected not just by kids, but also adults and even old man. A walk down the Chinasquare central mall on Sunday afternoon and you can find senior citizens showcasing their stamp collection. Awaiting for buyers to take a look at their prized collection.

As for me, i am still collecting stamps till today. But most of the stamps i purchased are all overseas, be it Disney collection or the late Princess Diana. However, i do have a whole lot of free stamps which i received from opening snail mails in the office. Many of these cute looking local stamps looks good when displayed together.

Lastly, besides collecting erasers and stamps, there are some cool kids who thinks collecting fighting spiders are the "in thing" back in our Primary days.

So why do they collect spiders? Spiders are a different breed all together. They are alive, not dead. Once they are dead, you need to catch another one and discard the old.
Fighting spiders are the elite of spiders. They look different from those you find at your house. They are armed with the fighting instinct, so if you ever put 1 house spider(eg the long legged spider) in the fighting spiders' "cage", they will get killed by them easily.

So what do the collectors use to contain the spiders?

Collectors will trap the spiders in a casette tape box. And why a casette box? Cause it has a clear view of the spider, hence it is good for collectors.

So what do the fighting spider eats? Generally, spiders eat insects. We have realised their favourite food is actually the gold fly. So we will go to the school field and locate them. Normally found on the tree leaves, we will use another casette casing and catch them. After they are captured, we will put them as a prey to the Spider. Oh ya, dont kill the goldfly, fighting spiders loves to eat them alive.

So how we know whose spider won in a battle? The losing spider is the one who retreat from the attacker. Unlike the battling of eraser, we will not lose the spider even if they lose. It is only mere matter of glory. Sadly, the life span of Spiders are short. Hence lets just release them back to the nature and let them be happier. Rather than caging them up and forcing them to fight.

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